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We are a closed group of entrepreneurs worldwide focused on owners and senior management of small to medium-sized businesses, including agencies, freelancers, and business partners with a sense of commerce.









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We are a closed community of entrepreneurs for several reasons, and therefore, entry among us requires registration and an introductory interview:

add1) We protect our members from scammers and liars. 

add2) We only accept verified business cases and defend our members from apparent deals. 

add3) We protect ourselves from financial loss through nonsensical, non-viable, competitive, and unprofitable projects. 

add4) We protect ourselves from entrepreneurs who do not take their business seriously and responsibly. 

add5) An entrepreneur has a transparent business ownership and managerial structure. 

add6) We understand that a deal can be sealed with a handshake; administrative support will handle the formalities. 

add7) We aim to realize million-dollar contracts worldwide. 

We bring together our members from various industries including: 

The IT segment, which includes the development of custom applications and software, including their management, Business Intelligence, process automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, and PC and network support.

Virtual currencies and trade: mining, trading, and cryptocurrency payments. Commodities: diamonds, gold, platinum, nanotechnology, artworks, clothing, and footwear. Quality raw materials: food, beverages, handmade glass, manufacturing, and farm products. 

Joint Venture buying and selling of companies. Investments in projects, companies, and opportunities. 

Our community is united by values and goals we share: 

  • mutual trust, 
  • business partnership,
  • long-term business cooperation, 
  • fair cooperation, 
  • education, 
  • sharing experiences (positive/negative), 
  • mutual support in marketing, business, law, and accounting 
  • and leadership. 

We unite the interests of our members.

Reasons to be our member.


Benefits for you!

Among our members are trustworthy and reliable community members in the Czech Republic and 17 countries worldwide, with a growing trend of more than 150. 

We carefully select and invite new members, receiving promising new recommendations.

We provide online support in Czech, English, and German through a virtual assistant. 

Basic membership, STANDARD, is free.


What membership entails!?

Regular communication with us in our community communication channel. 

Sharing promising business opportunities. 

Participation once a month in our events in person or online.

If you need advice or assistance, don't hesitate to turn to us.

You will receive an offer in response to your request.


What does membership cost!

Basic membership, STANDART, is free and supported by a Framework Cooperation Agreement, and you receive the attached Service Price List and Community Member Code of Conduct.

Premium Membership: You receive discounts on our events, products, and services from our members. We support you in marketing PR and collaborate more intensively. 

We bring in investors if needed.

Partner Membership: You are our partner, having exclusive representation for your region. We build your-our community together. 

You get discounts on services and products from our members, and our events are free.

Our Services


The philosophy of Isee Opportunity s.r.o., an international business community, is built on three fundamental pillars:

Pillar 1) We unify the interests of our members.

Pillar 2) We serve as our members' communication and business connection.

Pillar 3) We guarantee quality products/services, fair and ethical conduct, and long-term business partnerships.

invested - 45
Hr business partner

We connect the interests of our members.
We are the communication and business connection of our members.


On our LinkedIn profile, we emphasize building values, connections, and long-term collaborations and actively support our members' development and success.

By joining our community on LinkedIn, you gain a unique opportunity to become part of a dynamic network of professionals who share your interest in growth and prosperity.

Welcome to our community. 

We will guide you through the entire registration process, community entry, and collaboration integration.

Correspondence adress:

Isee Opportunity s.r.o.

Roman Polák, CEO 

Václavské náměstí 49,

Praha 1, 110 00  Praha 1. 

: 17239729
DIČ: CZ17239729